The rules you can’t ignore when playing bubble sports

by / Tuesday, 27 December 2016 / Published in bubble football, Bubble Soccer, Bumper ball

The rules you can’t ignore when playing bubble sports

The biggest reason for the pop of bubble sports is that it is itself a lot of fun. Compared with football, of course, bubble football’s selection for the field is random and rules are casual. Both of them are its pluses. But you shouldn’t think that bubble football is no rules. First of all, you have to be at least five years old! Yes, the age of five is enough. Are you anxious that your body is so small that you are unable to stand up in the bubble football? Don’t worry, different sizes of bubble football are available in our store for all kinds of experiences. For children, just choose the smallest size. But you are forbidden to invite your friend to play together in the same ball. The number of player more than one person is prohibited. What can’t be ignored is that if the bubble football is not the gift you get from your parents, then you can’t play it. No parents’ care, it is dangerous for children. At the same time, don’t poke a hole in your buddy’s bubble football because of your naughtiness.

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