Bubble suits, new rise game. In the past few decades, we gradually understand the soccer movement. The evolution of football is a very long history. Bubble football as a football game, is grew out of the game, although bubble football history is not long. The progress of bubble football evolution has took few years. But

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Bubble suits was originated in the Norwegian on the basis of a part of regular football,pillow fight and comedy in 2011.Game has always been loved by people since the ancient times,especially the bubble football was based on the most famous football.So,you know,how hot the bubble football is.Now,it is the most popular game in the mind

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Soccer bubble is a harvest of countless fans

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 by

Today, soccer bubble is one of European’s favorite sports. It’s fast boom is also easy to know. As long as we wear our bubble footballs, as well as take a traditional football, choose a flat and open site or average size of indoor stadium, then we can start to play bubble football to relax with friends.