Explore the secret of the rapid boom of bubble soccer balls

by / Wednesday, 27 July 2016 / Published in bubble ball, Bubble Ball price, Bumper ball

Bubble soccer balls are created by two Norwegian named Henrik Elvestad & Johan Golden. After the Norwegian local TV broadcast “golden goal” and YouTube video site released bubble football, it began to fame.
The true meaning of bubble football is not scoring, but the passion and spark when the two opposite teams experienced in the process of going after scoring goals and crashing. Due to the equipment of bubble football is transparent plastic space ball, participants’ upper bodies and hands are wrapped inside, just leaving the legs out to run and chase. So the whole movements are slow and clumsy. Even if they strongly desire to score, I’m afraid it is extremely difficult. But none of people will deny that bubble football can bring both physical and mental pleasure and relaxation once they are involved in playing it. He has a magic which can help you forget your trouble, make you shout and laugh without caring about the image of yourself. For white-collar workers whose working environment is repression and cubicles, this is a great way to relax. So more and more companies begin to organizing bubble football for their employees. I think that the biggest secret of the boom of bubble football is its endless joy.

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