Differentiate between the bubble suits and other games

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Bubble suits was originated in the Norwegian on the basis of a part of regular football,pillow fight and comedy in 2011.Game has always been loved by people since the ancient times,especially the bubble football was based on the most famous football.So,you know,how hot the bubble football is.Now,it is the most popular game in the mind of a lot of people.The bubble football is famous of being safe relatively and full of the recreational use and ornamental purpose at the same time.Its creative inspiration was very fancy and the way to play bubble football looks like the bumper cars.In order to play bubble football,you should find an empty place as the stadium for the bubble football competition.And then,these participants should be put in the bubble balls with the hands fixed on,let your upper body in the bubble ball.The bubble ball can form a layer of protective if an accident appears because the bubble ball is made of plastic material.For bubble football game,it is good to a healthy body than those computer games.It will make you stay away from the internet and virtual world.Bubble football need exercise.By knocking over the others in the bubble football game,you can feel the fun of bump and it can make people close in a short term at the same time.

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