The rules you can’t ignore when playing bubble sports The biggest reason for the pop of bubble sports is that it is itself a lot of fun. Compared with football, of course, bubble football’s selection for the field is random and rules are casual. Both of them are its pluses. But you shouldn’t think that

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Bubble soccer balls are created by two Norwegian named Henrik Elvestad & Johan Golden. After the Norwegian local TV broadcast “golden goal” and YouTube video site released bubble football, it began to fame. The true meaning of bubble football is not scoring, but the passion and spark when the two opposite teams experienced in the

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Soccer bubble is a harvest of countless fans

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 by

Today, soccer bubble is one of European’s favorite sports. It’s fast boom is also easy to know. As long as we wear our bubble footballs, as well as take a traditional football, choose a flat and open site or average size of indoor stadium, then we can start to play bubble football to relax with friends.

Bubble Soccer

Saturday, 31 October 2015 by

Have Fun With Bubble Soccer,What is bubble soccer? Players are divided into two teams, ideally of five or six players each to play bubble soccer. The players wear Bubble Soccer, transparent air-inflatable plastic orbs that cover the upper body. The legs are left free for the player to run and kick the ball. Two goals

Soccer Bubble

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In the present day world, sports have become a form of entertainment as well as activities for recreation. It is also in some cases used as a source of income. Soccer Bubble has not been left out when it comes to benefiting the players. This is so because the benefits involved in this special kind