Bubble Soccer

Have Fun With Bubble Soccer,What is bubble soccer?
Players are divided into two teams, ideally of five or six players each to play bubble soccer. The players wear Bubble Soccer, transparent air-inflatable plastic orbs that cover the upper body. The legs are left free for the player to run and kick the ball. Two goals are set up on the pitch and each team attempts to kick the ball through the other team’s goal, just like soccer. The fun part is the knockerballs that allow for some hilarity on the field. The orbs take the impact of the blows and protect the player from injury. The game can be played in grass pitches, parks, football fields and even basketball lots.

bubble soccer ball

Good for personal growth
The involvement of the bubble balls which are used as the costumes for the game helps in enhancing ones ability to coordinate. It requires proper thinking for one to be able to shoot the ball in this kind of costume therefore, players must learn how to think while running. This game also requires persistence, endurance and discipline and anyone involved in this game develops this special skills.

Promotes healthy relationships
This is a form of recreation sport that gives one an opportunity to meet friends and new people. This interactions helps in boosting confidence and build self esteem. A lot of fun is also involved in the game and this is good for friendship.